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Wine cellar



Our mission. Your vision.

Design and Experience

Material Moodboard

Transcend the aesthetic of sensations

Whether you are looking to push the limit of storage efficiency or building extraordinary showcase for your collections. Each project is tailored over a strong general purpose. Our design team profiles and deeply studies your needs, on a lean and collaborative process. Capacity, materials, the overall concept is drafted to envisions every solutions as the only one that is ever possibly made.

Conception phase

Draft main concept
Study collector profile
Define Overall Capacity
Decide materials in use
Design proposal


Engineering and Craftsmanship


Cutting edge technology meets craftsmanship

What makes a custom-made wine cellar a crucial advantage lies in the tremendous flexibility and variety in the choice of materials. Sensis climate technology experts constantly measure and deploy adequate solutions for solving project’s complexity. Sensis delivers custom wine cellars and cabinets that gives the ultimate control. The technology is seamlessly embedded and engineered to fine tune temperature, humidity and airflow, meanwhile the head system helps monitoring and maintaining climate attributes to preserve and store wines in the best way.

Production phase

Solve Technical faisability
Calculate Loading and temperature
Manufacture cooling system
Craft parts and pieces


Delivery & Assembly


A generation of builders

Sensis manufactures, develops and assembles every details of its custom solutions using sustainable friendly and chemical free raw materials. Fabrics, woods, metals, stones, ceramics, glass… An infinite spectrum of possibilities is getting into play and fits perfectly every corner of a whole. The unique masterpiece is installed and released after several steps from quality control and temperature variation record, to ensure safety and quality. The beginning of a new journey then belongs to every owners…

Finalization phase

Delivery & assembly
Deploy engineering parts
Initial setup testing
Technical follow-up


The True Ownership

Learning key in hands
One year all risks
At your service


Creativity has no limit

Start your project today




How SIGNATURE ordering works

First contact

Share your interests

Whether you are a private or professional. Our team will receive an process your information with our design studio with no delay. Sensis designers will get in touch.

Early Proposal

Project requirements

Our custom project survey will be exchanged with you, it will assist you preparing in a brief format, the nature and prerequisite informations of your project*.


Price & time estimate

A first quotation is provided after expertisation. The price and estimated delivery date will change depending on which options are selected.


We're here to help

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