Cellar with a view
This walk-in cellar is calmly enclosing fine wines and cigars. Dominating the Hong Kong Victoria harbour from the top of its 88 floors, is is part of a triplex apartment, wide open on a unique 360° view of the city, half building skyline, half natural hillside. Considered as the pulse of the living room’s mezzanine, its striated wooden feature wall matches slick glossy white lines in a modern and balanced combination.

Jean-Baptiste Ponsot
Climate range
12 — 16°C
Humidity 70%

Finish materials
Striated Oakwood
Obsidian Marble
Satin Copper
Painted wood molding
Key lock

Key Features
Odd format shelves
Wine case stands
Cigar box drawers
Show window stands

Storage capacity
221 bottles
24 cigar boxes

Aug. 2016
Henderson Properties Ltd.

Surface 5.3 m2
Material Moodboard
Fig.2 Satin Copper
Fig.4 White Wood Molding
Fig.1 Striated Natural Oak Wood
Fig.3 Obsidian Marble

Capacity 221 bottles + 24 cigar boxes

HEN2 — cut.jpg
Produces a visual interplay between an highly controlled geometry and the natural component patterns.
"Contemporary cellars tend to explore trendemously in the diversity. Becoming almost a "Cabinet de Curiosité" sanctuary that owners cherish not only for wine special formats but also spirits, cigars, accessories and art pieces..."
Jean-Baptiste Ponsot
Design Director