The intimate reflection

Sensis Signature® delivers hand-crafted custom-made wine cellars and cabinets that give the ultimate control. The technology is seamlessly embedded and engineered to fine tune temperature, humidity and airflow.

The tremendous flexibility and variety of materials to select create a blank canvas for the new owner. The textures, shadows, angles take over to communicate with the wine, the technology vanished.

"Behind each material selected, there is a story to tell. Combining certain materials together will always provide a different sense. "
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Take a deep dive into details.


Finding the balance

In the matter of facilitating a consequent synergy between elements, where wines and materials match along together in a serene climate and age-proof environment, Sensis custom-manufactures every details of its wine storages using sustainable materials. Fabrics, woods, metals, stones, ceramics, glass...An infinite spectrum of possibilities which leads to a boundary-less choice in astonishing the senses, making things personal.


"Top priorities are placed over designing every product wisely with no built-in obsolescence nor shot-lived waste."

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Let organic materials speak

Preserving wine is a sensitive and cognitive experience were we only play as extras. The wine, the main actor, requires specific environment and materials, in order for the process to be optimal. We use organic materials, and let them speak for themselves, showcasing its natural state. Our designers and craftsman select wood, stone, fabric and push innovation boundaries to manifest their natural beauty.

Handcrafting scene

Handling transcendent projects through art and crafts, the company built a substantial engagement in exalting the senses using premium and noble materials, which put the craftmanship at a center stage. Whether its lumber work, leather-craft or all starts from understanding and respecting the master-craft's skills that held many generations and withstand nowadays against any form of artificial fade, in a constant quest of reaching quality and authenticity.