We Sensis

Commit to innovative thinking all the way through our daily businesses, we strive to offer breakthrough solutions by continuously improving and iterating on existing products. Re-inventing many wine experiences everydays.

Innovation for tradition™ — bringing this motto from our company’s headline to production roadmaps. We have built confidence and happiness to help preserving what generations have spent to build.


"Beyond the necessity to keep, I started to realize the duty aspect of preserving what's getting better and better."

Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

From the grapevines, to urban cities dynamics.


Taking a time travel

Wine has always been witnesses good moments, unifying family during banquets, announcing things the right way. As teenager, being gifted few old looking bottles from family's elders, was a sort of inherited treasure that I have been secretlty delighted so much as a keeper. I did remember walking into those underground rocky vaults, experiencing the total silence. A dark and moist environment where time just stoped, all those wine bottles were stacked and still, the place felt low paced, almost undiscovered by any human being so far.


"all those wine bottles were stacked and still, the place felt low paced, almost undiscovered by any human being so far."


A growing passion

Being a Designer, I had the chance to travel around many countries, getting to discover peoples, cultures, differents views on art and craftsmanship. Wine was part of my life already, so as simple amateur, I had spent time to spot, acquire and collect bottles from wines around the world. Whithout noticing, I was truely self building a daily passion for it, shaping up my own wine taste grammar, it became a need to share those values among.

Preserve and perpetuate

Sensis is born out of a personal need to propose a contemporary view on wines, the way it should be handled, respected and preserved. It initiated from passion, strengthened with rigorous values, we believe the new generation of winemakers are taking a shift where quality matters, where embracing new usages and consumption habits matches a true reality. This is where Sensis comes into play.

Jean-Baptiste Ponsot
Co-Founder, Design Director
Company values
In everything a wow.
Promote the sensorial, the extraordinary, impress and mindblow.
Innovate with passion.
Participate of making what tomorrow deserve the best, delight passionated people.
Go big or go home.
Think bigger picture, scale up your ideas, make your dreams come true.
Love, preserve, drink.
Understand and advocate wines around the world, collect pieces of history.
Do more with less.
Unclutter the information stream, introduce minimalism and share easy messages.
Move fast and confident.
Get to the fastlane, live in the present, dare to try and get things made on time.